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Swallows Rest Hotel

Wednesday, 1 January 2014  |  Admin

Rugged Lighting at the Swallow's Rest Hotel
Swallows Rest Garden Lighting

Swallows Rest Self Catering in Weymoth, Dorset is our first lucky customer to have a permanent installation of the new flagship product from Extra Dimensional Technologies: FlowerMods.

The hotel has a beautiful garden with a lake, but at night the guests were not even aware of the garden as it was so dark. We were asked to add some colour and atmosphere to the garden. The main feature of the garden is a lake with a charming bridge. We installed 6 FlowerMods to light up the bridge and the lake with a lovely mix of pastel colours. A further 6 FlowerMods were installed to uplight the trees and light up the path that runs through the garden to the lake.

Swallow’s Rest Hotel said that previous lighting products they bought for their garden had not lasted very long in the harsh seaside environment. We assured them that FlowerMods are the most rugged LED lighting product on the market and that they would stand up to anything our weather can throw at them. Having just seen through the harshest storms in 250 years, the FlowerMods in Swallow’s Rest garden are still working perfectly and remain undamaged. 

Swallow’s Rest Hotel are delighted with their new garden lighting and say their guests comment every day on how much nicer the garden looks now. They are now looking to expand their lighting further later in the year.

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