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Monday, 15 June 2015  |  Admin

Welcome to our newsletter for Spring 2015!

While we continue to strive for excellence and top quality design in colour, the last year has been witness to many changes within our company. In this newsletter we review our Hexmod LED stage light and pay a final farewell to this unique little unit. We also take a look at Flowermods and new developments, including our exciting new location...


What’s New at Extra Dimensional Technologies

We would like to make you aware of some of the major changes that we experienced within our company in 2014. One of those changes is our relocation from Kingston-upon Thames to the vibrant city of Brighton! We believe that this wonderful new location compliments the ethos of Extra Dimensional Technologies and as a buzzing hub of creativity, provides plenty of inspiraton as well as opportunity for the growth of our business.

In other news, our former sales manager Chris Chase has left to pursue other interests and is no longer with the company. Your contact for sales and customer support is now Ellen Timiney and your contact for technical support is Dave Campbell. You can contact either Ellen or Dave on our new phone number below.

We're also very happy to announce that our website has now been revamped and updated! We;d love to hear your thoughts on its new look, so do feel free to drop us an email at If you prefer, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1273 931322, or fill in our contact form tto get in touch.


2014 In Hexmods

    It's been a busy year for Hexmods, our original LED stage and decor light. These tough little units have done an amazing job over the last four years and are still making beautiful installations. Here are some of the amazing events that have been illuminated by Hexmods in 2014: READ MORE AND SEE COOL PICTURES ---->



Picture by Carin Dickson © 2014, used with kind permission.

Current Products and Services

Our primary focus is to create specialized LED lighting for stage, theatre and specialist applications. Our products are assembled here in the UK and we are proud to be part of the revolution in LED lighting. Our current products and services include:


Currently our leading product, FlowerMods are high quality and highly compact modular LED effects lights designed for illuminating re-usable stage decor in outdoor and other tough environments.

LED Circuit Design Service

We design LED lighting to your specification tailored to your project, including wireless connectivity and mobile control devices. We can provide solutions for unique and unusual lighting needs. We are able to offer a full manufacturing line including circuit design, pcb manufacture, pick and place, reflow, machining and assembly, in partnership with other local family companies.

MADRIX Software

We are the UK’s original official consultants and dealers for MADRIX, a leader in lighting control software. Our competitive prices are backed up by experience using MADRIX in real-life installations.

MADRIX Programming, Training and Technical Support

We can answer all your questions and provide training and technical support for all MADRIX software capabilities, programming solutions and software patches on request.


Coming Soon!

We always have exciting new product ideas in development. The following products are soon to be released:

Invisible UV Cannon

Now in final development we will soon be launching our new invisible TRU-UV LED light for stage and festival use. Our UV LED light casts no violet glow and provides maximum excitation of fluorescent pigments for superb colour response and brightness. Highly compact and with optional fresnel lens, our UV LED lights are designed to easily outperform the best metal halide UV cannon. Its unique casing has additional impact, taking inspiration from steam-punk and art deco styles. Compact, waterproof and with no visible beam, Extra Dimensional Technologies TRU-UV LED lights will be indispensible to artist and decor designers for stage and theatre black-light applications.


Tiny and very bright, the FairyMods are the direct successor of our popular Hexmod model. All the features you expect from a DMX LED light in a package less than 30 mm square and 5mm deep, touch cool in operation and IP67 waterproof rating. Cost effective for smaller budgets, FairyMods are ideal for all kinds of temporary and permanent decorative features and installations.

Stand Alone Controller

The Extra Dimensional Technologies Stand Alone Controller will allow control over DMX LED lighting without having to invest in additional computer and software technology. A small portable unit which connects to your DMX input providing a range of programmable sequences. With Bluetooth and microSD Memory card connectivity to allow remote access via your personal smart device.


CONTACT US for further information on any of our products or services, or just to say hello.
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New Contact Details

    Our new phone number is +44 (0)1273 931322.

    And we have a new Registered Office address for official mail:

        15-17 Middle Street


        East Sussex

        BN1 1AL

    Our website is still at, and you can email us at


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or drop by our website for further updates and information. Send us a message and tell us what you think, we’d love to hear from you.



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