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Thursday, 30 April 2015  |  Admin

Current Products and Services

         Our primary focus is to create rugged LED lighting for stage, theatre and specialist applications. Our products are assembled here in the UK and we are proud to be part of the revolution in LED lighting.


Our current products include:


Currently our flagship product, Flowermods are high quality and highly compact DMX LED lights designed for use in stage decor in tough environments.

LED Circuit design

We design LED lighting to your specification tailored to your project. Wireless, mobile control, DMX

Madrix Software

We are the UK’s original official MADRIX consultants and dealers. Our competitive prices are backed up by experience actually using MADRIX in real-life installations.

Madrix Programming, Training and Technical Support

We can answer all your questions and provide training and technical support for all MADRIX software capabilities, programming solutions and software patches on request.


Coming Soon

We always have exciting new product ideas in development. The following products are soon to be released for sale:


Invisible UV Spotlight/Cannon

Now in final development we will soon be launching our new invisible UV LED light for stage and festival use. Our UV LED light casts no purple glow and provides maximum excitation of fluorescent pigments for superb colour response and brightness. Highly compact and with optional fresnel lens, our UV LED lights will outperform industry standard lighting, and have the additional impact of style. With inbuilt DMX control a suite of Extra Dimensional Technologies TRU-UV LED lights will be a welcome addition to any lighting engineer’s stock.


Incredibly tiny and very very bright, the FairyMods will be the direct successor of our popular Hexmod model. All the features you expect from a DMX LED light in a package less than 30 mm square. Touch cool in operation and IP67 waterproof rating, the FairyMod will be ideal for all kinds of decorative features.

Stand Alone Controller

The Extra Dimensional Technologies Stand Alone Controller will allow control over DMX LED lighting without having to invest in additional computer and software technology. A small portable unit which connects to your DMX input providing a range of programmable sequences, with Bluetooth connectivity to allow remote access via your personal smart device.


CONTACT US for further information on any of our products.

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