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Hospitality Hexmods Compete with Robe Lighting

Tuesday, 14 June 2016  |  Admin

Take a look at this story from LSI online:

Robe on song at Hospitality Brixton

It describes how Robe lighting was used for the latest edition of Hospitality Brixton, utilising 24 Robe Pointers 12 MMX Spots and 22 LEDWash 600s, but there is an elephant in the room:
The circle/H symbol you see at top centre is of course created with Extra Dimensional Technologies HEXMODS! See how well these HEXMODS compete with the Robe lighting?
HEXMODs have since been superceeded by our FLOWERMOD units, which are THREE TIMES brighter and even tougher, ideal for creating amazing lighting effects anywhere, anytime.
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13 June 2016
UK - Lighting designer Chris Thoms working for ZEROdB Live created the lightshow for the latest live extravaganza by leading club brand Hospitality which was staged at London's O2 Academy Brixton - a project on which he utilized Robe Pointes, LEDWash 600s and MMX Spots as the main moving lights.
Chris has operated and collaborated on the Hospitality Brixton production design since 2012. For this one, he and ZEROdB Live founder and production manager Rob Stanley wanted something new, fresh and different that was a departure from the hi-res 'big-telly-style' video look that has come to characterise so many events. After much brain-storming, they came up with the 'Fingers of Rock'.
Essentially the design evoked an old-school rock 'n' roll spatiality with a ceiling of lights above the artist, ticking the design brief boxes by going a bit retro and putting the emphasis firmly back on the LD rather than the VJ!
There were positions for 42 moving lights, 24 strobes and 60 x LED strips over six parallel fingers - a 'classic Queen' aesthetic giving some large monolithic lighting looks but with the contemporary rave twist of being able to move.
They added the 24 x Pointes, 22 x LEDWash 600s and 12 x MMX Spots to the equation and then augmented their epic look with the lowest resolution screen available from rental company Colour Sound Experiment, which was 37.5 mm pitch - the whole surface measured 288 pixels wide by 72 tall - and in reality looked a lot bigger than it actually was events.
The Pointes were the main workhorses of the show, arranged in a 6x4 grid on the main trussing fingers, with 18 of the LEDWash 600s filling up the gaps, together with strobes.
The MMX Spots were split, with six rigged on the front truss and six on the deck, running along the back of the stage on 2ft high risers, alternated with Moles.
The other four LEDWash 600s were on the front truss and used for key-lighting.
(Jim Evans)

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