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MADRIX 3.6 new update for LED control software.

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Monday, 6 June 2016  |  Admin

We have now released our exciting new product the Fluotrix® Blacklight, a high quality miniature LED UV cannon. The Fluotrix® Blacklight combines exceptional results with extraordinary design.


We have created the Fluotrix® Blacklight to get the best from fluorescent paints, plastics and other materials. The Fluotrix® Blacklight uses filtered 365nm UV LEDs for a true black light experience with no visible white or violet light output.
With its unique recurved face and finned cylinder design, this is a blacklight unlike any other.
Its unique beam shaping technology gives an even intensity square beam with no central hotspot.
The Fluotrix® Blacklight is IP56 rated suitable for outdoor use, and is small and lightweight with a low operating temperature making it portable even while in use.
Its long lamp life and low input power keeps running costs to a minimum.


Filtered 365nm UV LEDs with no visible white or violet light output for correct bright fluorescent colour:
365nm is the optimum frequency for the brightest fluorescence and best colour. Higher frequencies produce too much blue and violet light, these frequencies do not fully activate fluorescent pigments, giving washed out or false colours.
Blue light has been shown to be the most harmful frequency of light. The Fluotrix® is free from harmful light frequencies.
We use custom made heat tempered UV pass filter glass to remove all visible light frequencies.
The Fluotrix® Blacklight will safely get the best colour and brightness from your fluorescent works.

Water and dust resistant to IP56, suitable for outdoor use:
Yes that right the Fluotrix® Blacklight will continue working when outside even in adverse weather conditions. Safe for use near water and in high humidity or dusty environments. 

Onboard adjustable optics featuring Fluotrix® Beam Shaping Technology for a flatter squarer beam:
Our unique beam shaping technology spreads out the beam, giving an even brightness from edge to edge. The strongest setting creates an even, square beam ideal for artworks and exhibitions. Three settings available: None, Intermediate and Full squaring.

Small and lightweight:
At less than 1kg and 10cm x 12.5cm x 11.2cm the Fluotrix® Blacklight is the smallest in its class with no compromise on intensity.

Highly portable even during operation:
The Fluotrix® Blacklight  operates at a low temperature so you can handle it even while it is on. Robust construction allows the lamp to be repositioned while operational.

Full DMX Control and multi-mode operation:
Using the 4 button digital display you can set the unit's DMX address for full control from your lighting software, or set it to sound response, adjustable strobe and manual modes.

Long life and low power consumption with high UV output:
With all the advantages of the latest LED technology the Fluotrix® Blacklight will last up to 15000 hours in normal operation, with no need to replace the LED set, and it's low energy consumption means it is cheap to run. The Fluotrix® Blacklight still packs a whopping 10W of UV power.

Original and unique housing design.
We think lighting should look great as well as perform brilliantly. The Fluotrix® Blacklight 's design is influenced by steampunk and art-nouveau styles to create a truly unique UV light.


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