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The ‘FlowerMod’s’ high reliability, low power consumption and long lifetime reduce maintenance
and electricity costs. When durability, low profile and controllability are essential the FlowerMod
is the solution.
Features and benefits:
● Compact 50mm
* 56mm * 7mm.
● Super bright Cree Video Pixel LEDs with very pure colours
● Full 16 bit/pixel drive for more than 281 trillion colours !
● High durability sealed aluminium case for use in the toughest environments
● Waterproof to IP67
● Linear and Exponential brightness mappings.
● Auto chaining DMX system for quick and easy setup
● Fully modular DMX each
unit has a full DMX encoder/decoder.
● Connector options to suit your particular installation requirements
● Multiple mode settings as standard with custom options available
● 6 * 5mm holes 4cm apart (cable tie friendly) for quick and easy installation
● Linished (Natural) or Custom colour anodised casing (black, white, pink etc) available on
● Designed to be tough, reliable and long lasting

Our Price:  £30.00
List Price:  £35.00
Saving Of:  14%
(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  E.D.T.

Weight:  70g

Product Description:
Extra Dimensional Technologies ‘FlowerMod’ is a compact hexagonal DMX LED stage and decor FX light. Its primary function is to illuminate stage decor internally; it can also be used as a point light, downlight, or for rear illumination.

The ‘FlowerMod’ is ruggedised, waterproof and extremely versatile. Its slimline profile allows it to be installed in places other lighting fixtures can’t reach. With the ‘FlowerMod’ any geometry of installation is possible, indoors or outdoors, permanent or temporary.

Bright enough to compete with standard stage lights, the ‘FlowerMod’ has exceptional colour clarity and range, with smooth, no flicker transitions between light and dark. With 9 LEDs arranged in 3 individually addressable clusters, each unit can display up to 3 different simultaneous colours using our unique addressing modes.

Controlled by any standard DMX512 system, the ‘FlowerMod’ is easy to integrate with your current hardware. Its autochaining feature makes setting up any number of units quick and easy.

Technical specifications:
Flowermod 2. (FLM2).


9 RGB Video pixel L.E.D. by Cree :
arranged in 3 groups (Inner cluster of 3 radius 3.5mm and outer ring of 6 radius 12mm as left and right chevrons of 3).

Red 622nm (50% bandwidth @ 24 nm)
Green 530nm (50% bandwidth @ 38 nm)
Blue 470nm (50% bandwidth @ 28 nm)
Beam angle 120 deg. (without lens).

Brightness: 30,000 candela.

DMX512 Full or compressed frames, updates Synchronous or Immediate.
DMX channel modes. 3,4,6,7,9 depending on pixel mode.
Natural DMX addressing and/or Auto chain.
Full 16 bit Enhanced Spectrum PWM.
PWM refresh rate from 119
khz. (typically 19khz)
Global R,G and B Adjustable white point current calibration 7
bit subject to Max Power 4W.
16 Global brightness Levels.


Transfer Curves:
8 bit linear RGB.
8 bit exponential 4 curves RGB (For natural fades and swells and fabulous colour mixing)
16 bit linear RGB and HSV.


Pixel Modes:
24+ pixel modes:
Single pixel All
3 Clusters, or any Two, or any Single pixel one color.
Double pixel. Any two or three clusters in two colors.
Triple pixel. Three different colors.
Triple pixel trick modes. (Strobe,reverse, reverse address, negative, RGB shift etc)
HSV trick modes. (Strobe,reverse, reverse address, negative, HSV shift, complementary colours
Preset default color mode.
Preset sequence mode.


Case: Two piece machined Aluminium, with Epoxy and Silicone resin. Lead (Pb) free.

Geometry and Size:
extruded regular hexagon, rounded.
depth 7mm
50mm flat to flat
56mm point to point
6 * M5 cable tie friendly holes 42.5mm opposites inset from each point.
20cm cable each side and no connectors.
Weight 0.045kg (45 grammes)
Waterproof to I.P. 67.
Power/DMX cables 20cm 4 core each side diameter 3.5mm.
Voltage: 12v D.C. :Line/
Load regulation +/2%
Power: Max 4 watts.
Max. operating temperature full white 85 C in air.
Max. ambient temp 40 C in air.
Lifetime full white: 30,000 hours + (calibration headroom is included see above)

Please contact us for further informations.


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