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Wednesday, 01/01/2014

Swallows Rest Hotel

Swallows Rest Self Catering in Weymoth, Dorset is our first lucky customer to have a permanent installation of the new flagship product from Extra Dimensional Technologies: FlowerMods.

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We create unique and fantastic DMX controlled LED lighting, bespoke stage pieces and installations, and provide expert technical support to the entertainments industry and beyond. Our Hexmod LED lights revolutionised dance floors and changed festival decor forever. Developing new and exciting concepts in coloured LED lighting and controllers.


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MADRIX3 BASIC KEY£999.99Add to Basket

MADRIX3 Software Key for 16x DMX Universe Control


FlowerMod£40.00Add to Basket

Extra Dimensional Technologies ‘FlowerMod’ is a compact hexagonal IP.67 rated DMX LED stage and
decor FX light. Its primary function is to illuminate stage decor internally; it can also be used as a
point light, downlight, or for rear illumination.

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